What Students Need to Know About the Lucrative Battle Between the SAT and ACT

Q: What do students need to understand about the big money connected to high-stakes college admissions testing? A: Plenty. At GATE College System, the academic team is standardized test agnostic. That is, these career educators equally question the relevance of either test discussed in this blog. The College Board, parent company of standardized test SAT, […]

Happy Graduation! (Yikes, What Now?)

Most high school students reach a sort of epiphany about needing to actively plan for the future—some sooner, some later. Although one GATE worked with has been hearing about the college admissions process for many years, it was only in her junior drama class that it struck her: she would be leaving high school the […]

The Zombie Apocalypse: Killing Student Creativity One #2 Pencil at a Time

Question #1:  Can a zombie hold a #2 pencil? Question #2:  How many adults does it take to annihilate a generation of creative thinkers and turn public schooling into a chessboard of teen zombies in a twisted game of corporate profit? One member of the GATE team opines, “You know, kindergarten used to get it […]