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College Admission​s Tool

​Designed by experts, GATE's step-by-step support helps 9th-12th grade students explore college and career options, prepare for success, and earn financial aid that they never have to repay.

​Empower 9th - 12th Grade Students with Confidence as They Aspire to College and Career Readiness

​Motivate by making academics more directly relevant

Students access GATE on mobile devices,  tablets, laptop and desktop computers. ​

​Inspire with best in class ​coaching from America’s top experts

​Our team of committed experts will inspire, motive and support your students in essay coaching, financial aid and academic strategies

For student use, with powerful professional development benefits for counselors

​Parents, IECs, tutors and school counselors can track progress, or students can use in self-directed study.

​Kathryn James-Jolly

​Bresse Foundation - Los Angeles, CA

“As an academic coach, I’ve been so impressed with GATE College System’s digital platform. Being able to have our facilitators work alongside the kids in such a step-by-step program makes a huge difference. They enjoy it, and we love knowing we’re giving them a competitive advantage. We’ve seen positive, tangible results!”

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