"GATE College System is an excellent resource for preparing learners of any level with the tools necessary for success in secondary education."

Joseph Kriete, Counselor - New Jersey

Success Stories

I learned about the importance of GPA and rigor of classes, which is something I wasn't aware of previously...the text was written using clear language that any of us could understand.
                                                              - Marija J.

As a current freshman, I was able to learn more    about topics colleges look at when accepting people...overall, a perfect way of communicating with students and interesting us in a variety of college topics.                                       

 - Eric H.

I learned that a four-year degree would benefit me in finding a job or career that I am passionate about and helps me be financially successful.
                                                                        - Earl B.

Madison G.

"250 points on my SAT score! So happy to be at the University of Oregon thanks to GATE. Your team is the BEST!"

Peyton A.

"Accepted into 7 out of the 9 colleges to which I applied. Looking forward to majoring in English at UCLA thanks to your great test prep support!"

Murielle N.

"Heading to American University, with $40,000 in scholarships. Thank you!"

"Thanks for your help. I'm not even a senior yet and already have offers from several great colleges!"

Noah R.

"I graduated with a 4.8 GPA thanks to your help. That and your college counseling helped me get into my dream school, Belmont!"

Jennifer C.

"I had a ten-point increase on my ACT Reading Score. I hit a 34 out of 36."

Paige H.

"Through working with my students and exploring the facilitator side [of GATE] I have found many useful lessons the students could take back into the classroom and utilize...a positive experience branching many discussions for post-secondary."

- Patrick Dake, Counselor - New Jersey