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GATE College System is a college and career readiness platform that offers a video-driven, interactive road map to optimize post-graduation outcomes. GATE students gain access to over 130 videos featuring effective on-camera educators distilling a proven step-by-step process to significantly improving Grades-Applications-Testing & Essays.

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The beauty of GATE’s digital college counseling tool is that it empowers any educated adult to effectively support teens through the college applications process without having to already be an expert in test prep, admissions, financial aid, or other aspects of the curriculum. The tool does the heavy lifting while the adult focuses the student on motivation and supplemental support.

In truth, students can use the tool entirely alone, but this is not recommended. Education is the lighting of a fire, not the filling of a pail, as the old saying goes. Adults committed to student outcomes bring that special spark. GATE completes—but doesn’t compete with—what facilitators already offer students.

​A Message from GATE's Founder and CEO,

Pamela Donnelly

​"​GATE College System is an excellent resource for preparing high school learners of any level with the tools necessary for success."

​- Joseph Kriete, JAG Specialist - New Jersey

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