"​G​ATE College System is an excellent resource for preparing learners of any level with the tools necessary for success in secondary education."

Joseph Kriete, ​​Counselor - New Jersey​

Success Stories

I learned about the importance of GPA and rigor of classes, which is something I wasn't aware of previously...the text was written using clear language that any of us could understand.
                                                              - Marija J.

​As a current freshman, I was able to learn more    about topics colleges look at when accepting people...overall, a perfect way of communicating with students and interesting us in a variety of college topics.
                                                           - Eric H.

​I learned that a four-year degree would benefit me in finding a job or career that I am passionate about and helps me be financially successful.
                                                                        - Earl B.

Madison G.

"250 points on my SAT score! So happy to be at the University of Oregon thanks to GATE. Your team is the BEST!"

​Peyton A.

​"Accepted into 7 out of the 9 colleges to which I applied. Looking forward to majoring in English at UCLA thanks to your great test prep support!"

​Murielle N.

​"Heading to American University, with $40,000 in scholarships. Thank you!"

"Thanks for your help. I'm not even a senior yet and already have offers from several great colleges!"

​Noah R.

​"I graduated with a 4.8 GPA thanks to your help. That and your college counseling helped me get into my dream school, Belmont!"

​ Jennifer C.

​"I had a ten-point increase on my ACT Reading Score. I hit a 34 out of 36."

​Paige H.

​"Through working with my students and exploring the facilitator side [of GATE] I have found many useful lessons the students could take back into the classroom and utilize...a positive experience branching many discussions for post-secondary."

​- Patrick Dake, ​Counselor - New Jersey

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