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For less than the cost of a few hours of tutoring, GATE gives you over 100 hours of college admissions guidance that’s easy to use whenever you need it.

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​​Enroll your students in GATE today. This solution, regularly $499 per enrollment, is offered for free during this time of COVID-19 quarantine through June 1, 2020. Students will receive over 100 hours of instruction, and once on the platform will receive ongoing access with no future obligations during this limited time offer. It's that simple: we care. Stay healthy, everyone!

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Or email us at our parent company, Valley Prep Tutoring. Reach ​​[email protected] and ask for Jonathan or Bridget.

​GATE levels the playing field as your trusted in-home digital college admissions tool

Your School, District or Organization’s Trusted Digital College Admissions Tool

  • Test Prep - GATE handles it.
  • Financial Aid - GATE simplifies it.
  • Application Strategy - GATE explains it.
  • College Selection - GATE guides it.

"​We are in a time where there seems to be lots of access, such as with financial aid opportunities. Still, things are not equitable. This is due to a cultural capital and knowledge gap. That's where GATE offers a huge advantage for students."

Former Dean of Admissions, Pepperdine University

​"In light of recent federal government activity, I don’t expect strong support for student access in the future. There is an important void for programs like GATE to fill. I hope we as a profession can promote what we see as good."

Former VP of Enrollment, DePaul University