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Hey Moms, Dads, Counselors, and Teachers ~

You and your high school students are facing the most unprecedented time in the history of college admissions in the US.

Talk about challenging!

For a very short time, you have an opportunity nab everything you see on this page to solve a very real and sticky problem.

Ready to lead the change in secondary education today as it pivots from in-person to digital? Get ready.

Now, chances are your teenager may not feel that they want to plop in front of a computer to navigate the 2020 confusion. 

Sadly, most young people in their position rarely receive the recognition that they truly deserve for all their hard work and aspiration, and the adults in their lives are frequently confused about exactly how to help them.

​Valerie S.

​“Went from a 26 to a 31 on my ACT. Heading to University of San Francisco with a $50,000 scholarship. Woo-hoo!”

Yet they’ve earned it.

Every day, they look for advice to guide their futures​—and despite the mounting pressure, you manage to work miracles with ever-dwindling resources.  

It can feel like an insurmountable challenge some days, to be sure.

As teachers at heart, we at GATE get it. As professional educators, we commit ourselves daily to the worthy mission of helping students position themselves for future success by improving their chances of identifying the right-fit future pathway and optimizing the odds of their acceptance to great colleges.

Until now, the limited available options required outsourced vendors offering piecemeal solutions, not a comprehensive, step-by-step system.

The good news: today that all changes.

Over the past several years, 40 of us—professional educators with 350 years of combined expertise—have collaborated to develop the innovative, effective tool you see here, that gives students the edge they need.

This easy-to-follow solution offers a digital, interactive, video-enriched curriculum to guide them through the aspects of college admissions: Grades, Applications, Testing, and Essays.

It’s time to Open the GATE, and give your students the help they deserve to solve some very real problems.

​Justin L.

​“300 points gained on my SAT! ​I got to move to NYC to major in Entrepreneurship ​thanks to ​all the great ​support.”

​Jensin M.

"Thanks so much to GATE for helping me build my target colleges list, strategize, create competitive essays, and apply. I’m heading to the University of Tampa and couldn’t be happier about it.”

Best of all? It works!

After three years of piloting in 50 high schools in 7 states, GATE has undergone testing and refining, with initial results that have astounded parents, students, and teachers alike.

Through the Open the GATE tool, students increased their GPAs, improved standardized test scores, identified right-fit majors and colleges, optimized admissions essays, and received so many acceptance offers that their parents glowed with pride.

We all know the increased merit aid for students with competitive grades, scores, and essays can be a real game changer for students and their parents.

Today, you are invited to Open the GATE in a limited time offer.

GATE provides you with custom training guides so that you as the adult mentor know exactly how to offer support in a step-by-step process educators and parents just love.

Our experts have made sure this tool’s flow and design support your students while lessening your workload... and dare we say, we think we’ve found a way to actually make it pretty fun.

​Brielle U.

​“So glad for your support! My SAT score went up, my GPA got stronger, and by the time I sent out my college applications I felt so confident. I knew where to apply, and how. Heading to USC!”

​To accept your invitation:

  • Process PayPal enrollment by clicking the yellow button
  • Look for your student’s password in your email
  • Have student add you too for separate access to their progress
  • Enjoy ongoing email communication with our student success team,         with free gifts and updates sent monthly

For a limited time, you will receive these 7 free gifts!

  1. The Virtual College Tours List (900 Institutions in an Excel Spreadsheet, perfect for exploration during quarantine)
  2. Demonstrated Interest Training (yes, it matters)
  3. SAT & ACT Strategies
  4. Interview Tips
  5. Top Ten Costly Mistakes Training
  6. Dollars & Sense Trainings
  7. Customized Scholarships List Access

Act NOW and get these three valuable eBooks with your student’s enrollment:

  1. How to Pay for College without Going Broke 
  2. SWAT Team Tactics for Getting Your Teen Into College
  3. 4 Keys to College Admissions Success

​​Listen, you’ve done more than your fair share without the support you deserve.

Open the GATE today. Don’t you and your students deserve the right support at this crazy time?

Why spend $3,500 or more per student for pricey coaching or rely on old-school platforms that simply don’t work? That’s crazy and unnecessary!

Just one $499 GATE enrollment gets you everything they (and you) need.

Enroll in GATE and claim your bonuses NOW.

​GATE levels the playing field as your trusted in-home digital college admissions tool

Your School, District or Organization’s Trusted Digital College Admissions Tool

  • Test Prep - GATE handles it.
  • Financial Aid - GATE simplifies it.
  • Application Strategy - GATE explains it.
  • College Selection - GATE guides it.

"​We are in a time where there seems to be lots of access, such as with financial aid opportunities. Still, things are not equitable. This is due to a cultural capital and knowledge gap. That's where GATE offers a huge advantage for students."

Former Dean of Admissions, Pepperdine University

​"In light of recent federal government activity, I don’t expect strong support for student access in the future. There is an important void for programs like GATE to fill. I hope we as a profession can promote what we see as good."

Former VP of Enrollment, DePaul University

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